White Coat Underground

You guys have been fantastic. You’ve helped fully fund several programs now. Donations have reflected my readership—individual donations have ranged from a few dollars to a few hundreds of dollars. Every single dollar helps, and no contribution is too small (but homeopathic giving is discouraged). So why don’t you click over and consider sending a couple of bucks to a cool project? I’m especially fond of this one; only $291.00 left to fully fund language aids for deaf kids.

How ’bout a challenge? Let’s try to fund this one project today. We have the rest of the month to finish the others, but closing out this one today would be a huge victory. I know more than 300 individual readers will visit here today, and if each one gave a buck…

I’ll tell you what—if you guys can fund this one by 5 p.m., I’ll turn over my October blogging income to Donors Choose. Let’s do it.

(Um, Erin, can you make the paycheck thing happen?)