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China—a (medical) capitalist paradise

China’s a communist country, totally different from the capitalist U.S., right? They probably have some sort of socialized health system that makes Canada look downright libertarian. Right? No. I was talking to a friend (who I’ll call “Pu”) this week. She was surprised that I had to bend over backward to get someone insulin. Pu:…

ER, homeopath style

Yes, every skeptic on the web has posted this, but it is irresistible. Remember, yanks, that A&E in the UK is not a boring cable TV channel but what they call an ER.

For your consideration

Sent by a friend, posted without further comment (original pic here).

PalCast #7

It’s up and ready for listenin’!

xkcd FTW

Similar to this classic geek comic, xkcd shows the stupidity of the above-average geek.