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Skeptics’ Circle #124 is up

The latest Skeptics’ Circle is up at Beyond the Short Coat.   The Giants’ Shoulders #17 is also up at scibling Eric Michael Johnson’s place.  Go and read!\

Are you convinced? Do I care? Do you?

I had a nice dinner last night with a group of medical bloggers and journalists (I don’t recommend the scallops). One journalist, a veteran of many years, asked me, “is your goal to convince people, or are you preaching to the choir?” It’s a simple question, one that I probably should ask myself daily but…

Science-based medicine blog—too successful

Science-based medicine, my other blogging venue, is temporarily down. The posts are written by a stable of fantastic professionals, and they are always a good read—except for today. Recently, we migrated to a new server and shortly thereafter, the blog became buggy until it crashed completely. The culprit appears to be traffic—lots of traffic. That’s…

The Drake Passage is infamous. Supposedly, it’s nearly impossible to make the crossing to without throwing up—-a lot. But few “civilians” ever get to experience the passage, and it’s ultimate goal—-Antarctica. Devorah Bennu is an exceptional science writer and photographer. Reading her blog is like getting a daily dose of National Geographic, except free and…

Skeptics’ Circle #116 is up!

I’ve been a terrible netizen. I haven’t been keeping up with my blog carnivals, especially my favorite, the Skeptics’ Circle. Well, it’s up now at Beyond the Short Coat. Go and read!

Caritas, tzedakeh, etc.

One of my Sciblings, one Ethan Siegel has issued a charity challenge. If one hundred commenters head over to his place and leave a comment assuring him that they will donate 10 USD to the charity of their choice, and name the charity, he will cut off his luxuriant locks. Please, do it. His hair…

Bad ads

In case you hadn’t noticed, the advertising present on the top and right of the blog has been a bit odd lately. Dr. Oz’s smiling face has been showing up above mine, you may have just won $59, your teeth can be whiter than white, and last but not least human trafficking in “Russian brides”.…

Hey, Jason!

We should probably mention that it isn’t really your help, either.

So sorry

To all of my friends, colleagues, fans, and detractors, I have been buried in email and real life duties, so if I haven’t responded to your veryimportantemail, I’m really sorry. That is all.


There’s a contest going on in the blogosphere, and I want in. 3 Quarks Daily is taking nominations for best social science or natural history blog post published between May 28th, 2008 and now. Go here to nominate your favorite piece, but HURRY—nominations end June 1. This year’s judge is Steven Pinker. So, when you…