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Regular show?

It’s true that I don’t have a lot of free time on my hands, but last nights UStream event with the crew was lots of fun. Isis and Arikia have been hosting a regular Friday night get-together on UStream, which is a total blast, but last night Isis couldn’t tear herself away from her hot,…

PalCast 14–now with more talking!

PalCast 14 is up, and with two extra minutes of my words! Yea!

Yes, the new PalCast is finally up. Get it through the feed or on iTunes. Perfect for 18min30sec car rides!

PalCast #12—finally

PalCast 12 is up. Some relevant links: Anal Cancer HPV and cancer Simon Singh and chiroquacktic A blogospheric proposal Bad medical ideas Crazy new autism ideas

PalCast 11—the kitchen edition

It’s now up. It’s a good one. One link in particular that was discussed is here. Go and read, then go and listen.

Don’t miss your PalCast

I’d like to remind everyone that the PalCast, after a brief hiatus, is up and running again. Given the chaos of life and work (and the fact that work is likely to get even busier very, very soon) the schedule may be a tiny bit erratic, but tune it…you might like it. The PalCast (coined…

PalCast 10—backyard edition

My latest “on location” PalCast is up and ready for your listening pleasure.

PalCast # 9…finally!

Ok, it’s up and ready to go.

April PalCast Update

The PalCast is, obviously, a little behind. Due to real-life problems, it’s been tough to find the 90 minutes of solitude and quiet necessary to crank out a decent podcast. However, I do have one in the hopper for this week…hopefully it will be out by tomorrow or so. Thanks for your patience.

PalCast #8

OK, folks, PalCast #8 is up and ready…it’s the “road edition”…just listen and you’ll see what I mean. Once again, thank you Isis for the name. Remember that the feedburner site allows you to subscribe on iTunes as well as your favorite feed reader. Feel free to c’mon back here to discuss the ‘cast.