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You can follow me at the old-new location. Just follow this link. There I will keep you annoyed, entertained, and updated. You can also grab my new feed there.

An unfortunate happening

Our beloved, beat-up laptop is ill–very ill. The family is considering consenting to a Do Not Resuscitate order. Symptoms of this grave illness include inability to exit the start up screen and freezing up in “safe mode”. The agonal Blue Screen of Death has not yet appeared, but is believed to be immanent.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Crisler and his boyz go all classy

An inside source on Crisler’s non-steroid-fueled “muscleboards.com” (which is now reg-protected) has fed me some classy stuff: And someone told me he thinks PalMD is a child molestor. That is why he does not post his true name. A cursory look at what he has chosen to publish shows him to be a man of…

DC, same-sex marriage, and racial stereotypes

I was listening to Tell Me More yesterday and was drawn into the story. The host interviewed Michael Crawford, a DC-based activist. He attempted to debunk the idea that black communities are strongly anti-gay marriage. They played a clip of former DC mayor Marion Barry explaining how he personally might approve of gay marriage but…

Isis and Pal on Bloggingheads.tv

Zicam—something doesn’t stink here

I’d like to direct your attention toward an excellent discussion of today’s news about the cold “remedy” Zicam. Dr. Novella and the commenters have hit on all the major points; I can’t improve on it. I would, however, like to give you a personal look at anosmia, or the absence of a sense of smell.…

Sorry, busy here

Sorry I’m short on content right now. It’s really busy around here and I don’t want to torture you with reposts. Stay tuned.

Carolina dreamin’

The locals say it’s cold, but North Carolina rocks. It’s warm (meaning greater than 20 degrees F), hilly, piney. And people here are friendly. Here at ScienceOnline09 there is so much to do, both intellectually and socially, that I’m overwhelmed. In fact, even my computer is overwhelmed and is officially useless. The ScienceBlogs intern (who…