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Greetings from the People of Earth

The above video montage was kindly produced by multimedia artist and musician Claire L. Evans (of Universe) to open the WSF 2010 panel "The Search for Life in the Universe," which featured the likes of Jill Tarter, David Charbonneau, and Steven Squyres. Unfortunately, due to a production clusterWTF, it didn’t end up running. Which is…

85% of Statistics are False or Misleading

Numbers don’t lie, but they tell a lot of half-truths. We have been raised to think that numbers represent absolute fact, that in a math class there is one and only one correct answer. But less emphasis is put on the fact that in the real world numbers don’t convey any information without units, or…

James Webb Telescope Video

Hey gang! Remember when we set up a model of the new James Webb Space Telescope in Battery Park? If you don’t, the people at Behind the James Webb Space Telescope have produced the cool little video above about the telescope’s visit to NYC and the World Science Festival.