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Often time, I wonder whether some of the things we present here at the World’s Fair are perhaps a little too trivial. Whether it’s our puzzles, the showdown, badges, our forays into humour writing, or the other oddities we sometimes revel in. And I’m not sure if that “trivial” label can be partly blamed on…

Man in Stream, a poem

Ostensibly related to nature, but not really. Let’ say instead impermanence and its contrary. Another poem, this one from Rosanna Warren.

Oppression, a Poem

By way of starting to return to the blog, after a few weeks of VT/Blacksburg-only considerations, we offer the poem below, by American poet Marvin Bell. It appeared in The New Yorker last October. Fond of it then; fond of it now.

Blacksburg and Biography

I wrote in a post last week: “I lived a good percentage of my life in Blacksburg (as recently as 2005) and won’t go on about that here.” But I did go ahead, writing a personal essay about it at The Morning News. Thanks for reading.

Teaching After April 16th

Classes resume today in Blacksburg. Somehow. A wiki site (here) has been created at Virginia Tech, but meant for all. This is the main cover page that leads to the wiki.

Guns: As easy as fast food?

Graphically anyway, yes.

Blacksburg Images

A friend and colleague of mine, who teaches engineers at Virginia Tech and who is a gifted photographer, took a series of photos earlier this week. They are on display here, with captions beneath each one. I’ve also put a few of them below the fold (shrunk to fit this page — the originals, in…

Virginia Tech, My Alma Mater

While everyone decides the best way they can deal with the mass murder this week, I’ll point only to this commentary in the Chronicle yesterday that I found well put. It’s by an author whose written about the Texas 1966 murders. I lived a good percentage of my life in Blacksburg (as recently as 2005)…

…The Blob has been dormant for half a century, but it’s out there and the only thing preventing it from squishing through the streets of our cities right now, leaving a slimy trail of death in its wake, is the biting cold of the polar ice cap. Remember? That’s where the Air Force marooned it…

Teams have just returned from Sagittarius A*, situated pretty much at the centre of our own galaxy. This was where the final game of the Sweet Sixteen was played in a last minute venue change implemented by the tournament organizers to generate some buzz. Regrettably, special relativity nuances weren’t factored in these logistics, despite the…