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Save the Earth: Ban NASCAR

NASCAR wreck* or parable for the future?

Mission Statement, 2007 “At Intelligent Design Biotech Corporation, we work around his watchmaker’s clock to pursue biotech solutions to those improbable imperfections of his work here on earth.”

I just realized that I’ve written a few science-y piece with an inherent Star Wars hook to it. As well, it seems to be something that comes up at McSweeney’s and other similar humour sites. Anyway, here is a collection of the ones I’m aware of. Enjoy… (From the Onion)

Lots of Rachel Carson links of late, and understandably so, as it would’ve been her 100th birthday this Sunday. Elizabeth Kolbert makes her the Talk of the Town this week.

Last weekend, my family rented a movie called High School Musical (my kids really loved it), and I tell you, it has infiltrated our very being to the point where… hush a moment… wait…be quiet for a second… do you hear it? Do you hear it? (Yes, I am embarrassed to show this picture –…

This is a first-person commentary by Rebecca Harding Davis on life at the Iron Mills of West Virginia. I paste it below for your reading.

John Hartman Since Ben put up that great post about urban planning and individualism, I thought I would just show off some of John Hartman’s great artwork that explore the concept of the city. They’re really very striking, and a wonderful way to look upon the ideas of urban living and design. Hartman, a native…

I hear the American premiere of Carl Djerassi’s play “Phallacy” is going on now in New York. Any good? Anyone?

E.B. White on Rachel Carson

“Why should a poison…spray enjoy immunity [while] endanger[ing] the public health?” Circa 1964. In The New Yorker. Right here. With nary a mention of Charlotte or her web.

There are deep historical and cultural roots to current energy consumption patterns. No surprise. But I don’t mean just the past few decades, or even the post-WWII era, or even the twentieth century (typical answers to the query, when did all this glug glug glugging begin?) I want to point to the Jeffersonian roots of…