World's Fair

Since we scorn corporate ads, we’ll do our own advertising here. Today’s ad:

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So giddy up and head on over to Cutter Bill’s. And tell ’em D and B sentcha!

Why this post?
One would be hard-pressed to summarize the frustration of this blogger at having to see ads for The Dow Chemical Company (his one-time employer) at his blog. I am not inclined to encourage anyone to click anywhere “to learn more about how The Dow Chemical Company is solving human problems.” If one had to click somewhere, if one was simply forced to do some kind of clicking, they would do better to read over the differences between corporate and citizen accounts of the Bhopal methyl-isocyanate leak in 1984, by reading over Bhopal.con. (Dow purchased Union Carbide a few years ago, and so, yes, although the cause of the leak had nothing to do with Dow, the response and corporate attention on and to the Bhopal disaster are now within their fold — and quite willingly so.)