World's Fair

Now that the world is safe, Jennifer (from Shifting Baselines) and I are going to be buzzing around one of local watering holes (Koerner’s pub) on Thursday, September 18th, from 6pm. As well, we have a little pocket money from Seed which should be good for one or two rounds (depending I guess on how many folks turn up).

Anyway, if you hail from Vancouver or are within reach, and feel like coming down for a beer (Koerner’s has some good stuff), then do come by and say hello.

Here is a link to let you know the whereabouts of Koerner’s and I’ve also set up a Facebook event page just so that we have a general sense of how many folks might be swinging by.


  1. #1 keely
    September 17, 2008

    Aw. I was so excited that might be able to attend my very first ScienceBlogs event. Rub shoulders with the elite and intelligent (people much like myself, obviously).

    However, I have a work event.

    …So please, more scienceblog events in the future?? Right here in Vancouver?

    Thanks, and enjoy the evening!

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