World's Fair

Although Jennifer and I had our 1,000,000th comment party a few weeks back, I only just had an opportunity to get the video footage on to YouTube. It was funny, but the “having to video” bit was a little surprising, and of course, us Canadians can be a shy group by default.

Anyway, we had a decent turnout, with a few notables in joining us for drinks. These included Joanne Fox (who co runs the AMBL lab with me), Nicola Jones (UBC Science Journalist in Residence and Nature Editor), Rosie Redfield (Zoology prof and blogger), Dave Semeniuk (Bake For A Change founder and blogger), Simon Donner (Geography Prof/Climatologist and blogger), Mike Gretes and others from UBC’s outstanding United Alliance for Essential Medicines group, Jennifer Gardy (Science TV journalist), and several others as well, equally lovely, but maybe without an obvious weblink I can use.

Oh yeah, and a guest appearance by Barack Obama.

Anyway, videos are below the fold.

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