World's Fair

With the exception of my slip up during the introductions (I introduced Charles as “Sir Charles…”), here is a pretty great video of old Chuck talking to a class of high school students.

This was at a recent high school science conference we hosted, where we focused pretty much on all things evolution. And it was awesome to get Dr. Greg Bole at our Zoology Department to come on out and give us his interpretation of Charles Darwin (although it was too bad, he didn’t still have the massive sideburns).

The questions at the end are particularly cool, with some pretty level headed answers to the questions of the “evolution vs religion” ilk. More so, since Greg stayed in character keeping with Mr. Darwin being more or less agnostic in nature.


  1. #1 KristyJ
    March 30, 2009

    Looking good for a 200 year old man. You should ask which gym he goes to.

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