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Yes, it has been tough going of late, but things are looking up, so says Onion writer Peter Waldron. Check out: “LEAKED DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR MEMO THAT REMOVES AMERICAN SCIENTIST FROM ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST” at the Science Creative Quarterly. (I especially like the breeding bit)

Pt. I | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 — Part 2 with Christopher Henke, discussing his book Cultivating Science, Harvesting Power, follows below. All entries in the author-meets-blogger series can be found here.

I was just reading a short article today in the economist which listed the amount of water needed to produce a few common beverages. The stats are actually something else. In particular, a single cup litre of coffee requires 1120 litres of water (this is the same volume of water as a 104cm x 104cm…

The World’s Fair is pleased to offer the following discussion about Cultivating Science, Harvesting Power: Science and Industrial Agriculture in California (MIT Press, 2008), with its author Christopher Henke. Henke is an assistant professor of sociology at Colgate University, an STS scholar, and a contributor to Colgate’s environmental studies program.

I am an ardent critic of the unexamined claim that technology equals progress, straightforwardly, inevitably, universally. (Here are some samples: one, two, three.) So I am pleased to report new findings unearthing examples that don’t fall prey to such critique: 1. Binder clips 2. Luggage with wheels 3. Netflix That is all.