Archives for March, 2007

A few days ago we brought you the astonishingly ugly baby cockatiel. On the other, tastier side of the spectrum, we have this hardboiled ostrich egg and a massive deviled ostrich egg. Again, brought to you by our friends in New Mexico. photo courtesy of Pat Deering photo courtesy of Tom Deering

Georgia Aquarium = Badassity

I was lucky enough to find myself in Atlanta this weekend and made a trip to the one year old Georgia Aquarium. The animals and exhibits were spectacular. The Georgia Aquarium is one of only four in the world with whale sharks and the only one outside of Asia. The aquarium has the distinct advantage…

The Yeti Crab

One of over 500 new creatures discovered in 2006 in the Deep Sea Census, the Yeti Crab is among the most unusual. With “furry arms” it is distinct from almost all other crustaceans and would make a great stuffed animal. kiwa hirsuta

The Terrifying Miracle of Life

A family friend recently found some cockatiel eggs in their pair’s cage. One hatched and this little alien emerged. All photos courtesy of Tom Deering. 90 minute old baby cockatiel 4 day old baby cockatiel 2 week old baby space alien

Mini-Bosses from Castlevania?

We had a bat house hanging from the second story of my home growing up. My brother loved bats and I fully endorsed sharing our home with them. These critters might be a different story. Bat species, like many creatures, can be difficult to tell apart based purely on physiology. These new bats were recently…

Rusty Suffers from Narcolepsy

Sadly, this video makes me wish more animals suffered from narcolepsy… particularly on video. I suppose we can all be thankful that Rusty, being a dachshund, does not have very far to fall.