Ancient Species an Ice Age Relic

Scientists at Holar University College and the University of Iceland have identified two species of amphipods which have likely survived since well before the last ice age. Quoted in an article in Nature-Science, Bjarni K. Kristjansson, the scientist who made the discovery, says, “These finding can only be explained by these animals surviving glaciations in some kind of refugium under the glaciers.” The finding is significant because scientists had believed that ice ages wipe out all animals on land and freshwater in large portions of the Northern Hemisphere.

Why wasn’t this adorable little fellow in the Pixar movie?

In other words, these little buggers have been living for a long time, 30-50 million years in Kristjansson’s estimate, which would make them officially Iceland’s oldest known species.


  1. #1 neuralstatic
    October 2, 2007

    i know no one cares about this, but i think ice age was definitely not a pixar film. it was some other animation lab which i think has about the same amount of talent as pixar’s pinky.

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