Waiter, There?s a Spy in my Soup

Harvard professor Robert Wood unveiled his newest creation recently, a robotic fly that can be used as a spy, according to this posting on engadget.com. The fly weighs only .002 ounces and has a wingspan of 1.18 inches. Due to light weight carbon joints, the fly’s wings beat 110 times per minute and the creature mimics the exact movements of a real fly. Funded, obvi, by the generous folks at the U.S. Defense Department, the little robo-pest has myriad possible uses like surveillance and monitoring the air for chemical agents. Wood plans to install a battery and a remote controlling device to the next version.

Wood’s announcement may have come as a blow to the researchers at the University of California at Berkeley who had been trying to do the exact same thing for years. Perhaps a robotic bed bug might have some strategic and/or perverted real-world uses as well?
i-3c0f4824d9f57d1fcbf755e3146e13fc-spy fly2.jpg
A Berkeley researcher demonstrates what a robotic fly with a giant mustache might look like…


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    March 26, 2009

    luv it.everyday i read this website.life goes

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  3. #3 tk
    July 17, 2009

    What a cool idea. I wish I had invented it.

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