In two tantalizing shark discoveries, scientists in Germany have learned that playing certain songs to sharks in aquariums increases their libidos. Meanwhile, a different group of scientists may have discovered the secret rendezvous spot where great white sharks go to mate.


Out of sheer frustration with the lack of sexual behavior in their captive sharks, researchers in German aquariums tried playing different music to the fish, hoping that it would help put them in the mood. The same tactic has proven successful with captive panda bears and primates in the past, and lo and behold it seems to have worked with the sharks as well. According to the scientists the mating habits seem to have increased overall friskiness in the fish. The scientists even tested which songs got the most enthusiastic response from the animals, and here they are, in order of their arousing effect: 1. Salt’n Pepa – Push it, 2. Joe Cocker – You Can Leave Your Hat On, 3. James Last – Traumschiff (title song for German version of the Love Boat), 4. Justin Timberlake – Rock Your Body, 5. Bob Marley – No Woman, No Cry, at least according to this article in Ananova.com.

Meanwhile, according to a paper published in Marine Biology, researchers believe they may have discovered the secret “love motel” where great white sharks go every year to mate. Very little is known about great whites, despite their status as one of the most popular and most feared predators on the Earth. Perhaps one of the greatest mysteries surrounding the beasts is where exactly they go to mate. Great white mating has never been witnessed and has remained in the realm of mere speculation for decades.

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Thanks to sophisticated modern tracking devices, (you saw them on Zooillogix first, boooya!) however, scientists believe they might have found the answer to the mating mystery. Following the movement of tagged sharks, they noticed a spot in the ocean, 1,553 miles west of the Baja Peninsula, where sharks seem to congregate year after year. At first they believed the sharks were feeding there, but according to the paper’s author, Kevin Weng as quoted in this article on discovery.com, “It’s just not an area that a shark would logically go to from California to find something to eat…No seals or sea lions are there, and it’s not a hot area for whales either.” The sharks’ behavior at the spot is different as well. They seem to dive more often than usual, at an unusual depth of 1000 feet down. Weng believes they are smelling the water to seek out mates. Weng hopes that understanding more about the great whites’ mating behavior will help us to understand more about their threatened population and how to save it. Yeah, right….perv.