Award-Winning Animal Shots

Ok, so there isn’t much scientific merit to this, but who cares? Bats are my (Benny’s) favorite animals! This shot of an insectivorous bat won the prestigious British Visions of Science and Technology award. Keep reading for some more sweet zoological shots from the competition’s “Short List,” and definitely check out their website.

i-c272b8198ab37c51ce20f3f2e9d84288-Bat Close Up.jpg

i-b119417bbe3b7a793eeb23e142ef70b8-Photo Contest 1.jpg
Said bat’s lovable claw.

i-fe564a124a32d4fa5393ed5391e4d353-Photo Contest 2 Angry Wedell Seal.jpg
A vicious Weddell seal

i-77652013a50dc2fec029e4b2f4a95432-Photo Contest 2 Female Garden Spider.jpg
Female Garden Spider (Araneus diadematus)


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