Anyone Want a Yak?

Our close knitting buddy, Liesele, was kind enough to point this out. We thought we would be doing our readers who are in the market for a yak a disservice not to reprint it.

Craigslist Washington

“We have a nice Trim Yak Bull. He’s four years old and has bred our 2 Yak cows twice. The calves he’s produced have been robust, healthy and mild mannered. We must move him along in order to introduce a new blood line to the herd. Yak are incredibly serene, easy to maintain, need less pasture than beef, and offer endless enjoyment. Yak also calve effortlessly so have become popular in cross breeding with beef. Their meat is lean, tasty, healthy and desirable. We think they’re the perfect animal for the small hobby farmer.”


Take out the papers and the trash…


  1. #1 Tlazolteotl
    March 28, 2008

    He’s adorable. I sent the link to a friend who lives out near Monroe. Who knows, maybe they would like to add to their menagerie?

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