Oscar the Naked Dancing Cockatoo

I think this one speaks for itself.


  1. #1 Pat
    April 22, 2008

    Everyone loves and admires the naked female form, it has been admired for centuries. Oscar is certainly no exception. Just go to any reputable art museum for proof. You’ll see works such as “nude cockatiel descending a staircase” by Marcel Duchamp or “Grande Odalisque Oscar” by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. (And you all thought my 4 years spent at art school were wasted.)

  2. #2 hypatia
    April 22, 2008

    One of my CAGs plucks and barbers. It just kills me, but so far, there seem to be no more interventions nor cures than ten years ago. Sigh. . .

  3. #3 milkshake
    April 23, 2008

    Self-plucking can be obsessive-compulsive symptom. I used to have african Fisher parrots and one of them nibbled on a wire ontop of our kitchen cabinet and got himself injured (220V in Europe) and could fly no more afterwards. He was always sitting apart from others, very surly, and thats when his plucking problem started and he soon looked like that unfortunate bird on the video – like a miniature supermarket chicken. He died; too bad we could not get him freeze-dried.

  4. #4 doug l
    April 23, 2008

    I’ve been encountering information that correlates auto-immune disorders with the absence of certain parasites for which the creatures immune system is adapted to an expected response. Failing to respond to the missing pathogen, the immune system turns onto itself. Any chance Oscar was exposed to a lot of anti-biotics early in life or denied some aspect of the environment from which it would have picked up some species specific pathogen but had been denied exposure to it? Just a thought. I suppose even if she were such an example, there might be only a short window while young for the immune response to be expressed.

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