The Evolution of Yarn

There’s no interesting news. It appears all the world’s animals have finally been discovered, their strange mating behaviors documented, and their interest in acting all crazy for YouTube evaporated. But we are undaunted. We will make the logical transition and become a knitting blog.

Once again, we bring you critters from Mochimochi Land complete with their creator’s commentary. Past installments here and here.

Evolving Punk
i-f08bd667decde9c6c1458ab90c249b71-mochimochi evoling punk.jpg
Evolution is still a pretty radical idea – just ask this little Evolving Punk. He recently made the big step onto dry land from the primordial ooze of a dirty toilet.

Snails Versus Slugs: Eating Contest
i-5146528ee269399fc16865801b4ead79-mochimochi eat off.jpg
The snails and slugs are battling it out in a gastronomical challenge of epic proportions. Whoever can devour their leaves first will be the superior species! However, a third party seems to have disrupted an otherwise fair fight…

i-e5b08eec90d1d2306b958791aea53f83-mochimochi eat off 2.jpg
The slugs may not have won this round, but one snail in particular has most certainly lost. No matter, though–the others are still blithely munching away.

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Sausage Dogs
i-4fef3c8bf5595d9a4a3ea53a13d9bf75-mochimochi sausage dogs.jpg
These 8 dogs are linked together sausage style. All the better to sniff one another’s butts!

i-4e80e70d62836f8a289586f2c46c7a75-mochimochi sausage dogs2.jpg
A butcher at Esposito Pork Shop in New York displays the Sausage Dogs.

Dust Bunnies
i-ca909225e7d7a1b8868e6a13d8a5f27f-mochimochi dust bunnies.jpg


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