Donors Choose Reminder

Dear Incredibly Wealthy Readers,

A week or so back we announced our participation in the Donors Choose challenge. Specifically, we are raising money for elementary school teachers in the Bronx to bring animals into the classroom and a teacher outside of DC build out his outdoor ecology program. These are worthy, and very affordable, causes. Just imagine it: a tarantula in a 1st grade classroom named after you!

If you have a minute and can spare some money for a small donation, it would be much appreciated. There is a banner ad type link if you scroll down on the left sidebar or you can click here.

As an added bonus – if you send us your confirmation email from Donor’s Choose, we will publicly thank you and link to whatever you want. This a great way to promote your growing gardening blog or network of hardcore fetish sites!



  1. #1 Abby
    October 10, 2008

    Well, I didn’t donate to one of the tagged projects, but I did help refurbish some Oscars’ aquarium (the project was called “One Fish, Two Fish, Real-Life Science”). This doesn’t count, does it.

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