Pygmy Tarsier Rediscovered in Indonesia

High in the mountaintop forests of Indonesia, this little Furby-gremlin hybrid hid undiscovered (and unmolested) for the last ninety years. Last seen alive in the 1920s, the pygmy tarsier was thought extinct until researchers from Texas A&M University rediscovered the little guy last month.

i-23696b9452dd18c2b8e550fe073e14db-pygmy tarsier picture.jpg
Pygmy tarsier is not amused.

Over a 2.5 month period, the scientists trapped two males and one female in Lore-Lindu National Park. After taking measurements and affixing radio collars, the researchers were unable to resist the urge to love them, and hug them, and squeeze them and call them George.

These primitive primates weigh only 2 ounces and live in the treetops where they hunt insects (you would too if you were 2 ounces) at night. Unlike most primates, the pygmy tarsier has claws instead of nails.

i-3d54d689e06c9daf351f40b3b1c76a00-pygmy tarsier info.jpg
Handy dandy pygmy tarsier info sheet, in case you run across one on your way to work! Click to enlarge.

i-497693aac095b5e794810a0e2d58fd61-pygmy tarsier hanging.jpg
Tarsius pumilus takes careful mental note to bite all these a$$holes when they let him go.

Thanks to Liz Carter, Taylor Schreiber and Kangatron for the tips.


  1. #1 Christie
    November 19, 2008

    The little gremlin bit one of the guys, too – LOL. Damn right he’s not amused!

  2. #2 Hilary Minor
    November 19, 2008

    I think his name is Henry!

  3. #3 Ian
    November 20, 2008

    Furby? Nonsense! This is a young relative of Jabba the Hut.

  4. #4 Mad Hussein LOLScientist, FCD
    November 20, 2008

    It’s Little Fuzzy! Ghost of H. Beam Piper, please call your office.

  5. #5 Alan
    November 20, 2008

    Pretty cool :)

  6. #6 Ray
    November 20, 2008

    The creepiest thing in this picture is that guy’s hand… Bring on the nightmares!

  7. #7 sesli chat
    November 25, 2008

    selam tskler

  8. #8 georg
    March 19, 2009

    those guy are our ancestors and deserve respect. I would like 2 own one but they need to stay in their own habitat… i would never tear down trees with little cute furry things in them.. ashamed becuz my friend kemal from indo probably evolved from those dudes LOL

  9. #9 andy
    July 22, 2010

    It looks like a gremlin!!! so cute

  10. #10 Evden Eve Nakliyat
    April 7, 2011

    ne kadar güzel gözlerı var ne kadar şirin

  11. bunların adına araştırma yapan tüm insanlara teşkür edyorum

  12. #12 açılır çatı
    June 17, 2011

    Hmm, I have a pompom crab in my aquarium… so I don’t think I’d call it a new species… heh.

  13. #13 cambalkon
    June 17, 2011

    While my colleagues and I have enjoyed looking around Mozilla Labs, we couldn’t help but notice how closely the test tube image at the top of this blog post resembles a used condom. It had us all rather confused for quite a while.

  14. #14 av tüfekleri
    June 17, 2011

    one of them was THE driving force behind its popularity. They both made a contribution even if they were different contributions.

  15. #15 otomatik av tüfekleri
    June 18, 2011

    its popularity. They both made a contribution even if they were different contributions.

  16. #16 kıyma makinası
    June 18, 2011

    Those are some pretty critters. I’m just so glad that Inverts are finally getting their due. Thank you E.O. Wilson.

  17. #17 köfte makinası
    June 18, 2011

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  18. #18 hamburger makinası
    June 18, 2011

    I have seen that unidentified crab before. He was in one of my nightmares. Jesus that thing is freaky.

  19. #19 kuşbaşı makinası
    June 18, 2011

    The fact that you define Western science as science itself proves, I Bennett’s point.

  20. Wow. Evolution can do such great stuff–despite the fact that it has neither form nor intelligence.

  21. #21 epoksi zemin kaplama
    June 18, 2011

    Although they dropped the ball on naming the ‘Common Hairy Crab.’ I don’t know how you can look at something like that and make that judgement–IT’S HAIRY. And TERRIFYING.

  22. #22 cambalkon
    June 18, 2011

    Evolution is something that just happens. The animals that had traits better suited to survival in this environment lived long enough to pass on these traits to their offspring. In many instances, one of these traits it something that is referred to as ‘camouflage’.

  23. #23 ayak kokusuna son
    June 18, 2011

    Ayak Kokusu Sorunu, öncelikle özgüven kaybı başta olmak üzere insanda pek çok sosyal ve psikolojik sorunların oluşmasına neden olan sebeplerin başında gelmektedir. Foot Care’in özel formülü sayesinde bu probleminiz artık sizi üzmeyecek…

  24. #24 kemik kesme
    June 18, 2011

    BTW, PatriotG, the planet will go on on and for many, many millenia. Possibly a few billion years. Well after man disappears from the face of the earth.

  25. #25 kemik testeresi
    June 18, 2011

    It is my opinion that any of us just about all have a home in an enormous amount of causality, one thing location, because well as other human beings not to mention stuff will likely be altered.

  26. #26 cambalkon
    June 18, 2011

    I’ll take 50 pairs please. I’ll harness them all and have them pull me around on a chariot. That would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

  27. #27 yılmazlar et
    June 18, 2011

    Hmm, I have a pompom crab in my aquarium… so I don’t think I’d call it a new species… heh.

  28. #28 cambalkon
    June 18, 2011

    I moved to New Mexico 6 years ago and it really is a bit like [quote: Bill Bennett] a “previously unknown new world,” at least to someone from Connecticut.

  29. #29 alüminyum
    July 9, 2011

    Still, nanotech needs to be investigated by independent researchers before “sold” to the public. Haven’t corporations learnt anything from the GMO debate when Monsanto thought they could sell their patented seeds to the entire World, for profit.

  30. #30 ankara.net
    July 19, 2011

    Yine de, nanoteknoloji halka “satılan” önce bağımsız araştırmacılar tarafından araştırılmış olması gerekiyor. Monsanto, kar için, tüm dünya için patentli tohumların satabilir düşünce şirketlerin GDO tartışmanın bir şey öğrendim var

  31. #31 ukrayna vizesi
    July 25, 2011


  32. #32 fazryx
    November 19, 2011

    hello, salam kenal ya

  33. #33 fauzi utama
    June 6, 2012

    i like it, so cute

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    June 8, 2012

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