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My New Parakeet

I bought a parakeet at a back alley Chinatown apothecary last week. Against the wise but curmudgeonly old shopkeeper’s advice, I fed Felicia after midnight and she turned into this: I believe it’s a Barred Eagle-Owl. It ate Mathman.

Lobster Knife Fight

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Bat-eared Foxes for No Good Reason

I have had this picture for a while just waiting for groundbreaking news about Bat-eared foxes. Well it never came but I can’t just stare at the little guys any longer and not post them. Photo credit Floridapfe of South Korea’s Everland Zoo They aren’t babies and therefore not ZooBorn’s fodder, but they are pretty…

The Original Jocks

by Katie the Lowly Intern You might recall this gentle soul who got her face gnawed off by a chimp in February. I won’t even begin to sift through the big ball of bizarre that story is, but it does lead to an interesting discussion concerning exactly where apes get enough strength to go around…

Training Your Fish

I cannot train my dog Mathman not to poop in the house, but an aquarist named Lindsay at the New England Aquarium has a Lumpfish named Blondie to do tricks (no flaming hoops yet). Note that this is not an April Fool’s joke. If it were, Blondie would also be performing Under the Sea in…