Most Extreme Animal Shirts

Straight from Katie and Andrew’s closets we bring you this Mountain Dew-soaked photographic essay.

i-4e9b5e9875f774e672308be63a5e98bc-wolves american flag shirt.jpg

An explosive herbivore bursts forth from your chest

i-46dc023dc0c7b832c92acb1e99c2a998-breakthrough deer shirt.jpg
i-a7f3cecb14f6366eed1b45360a45dc6d-extreme cobra shirt.jpg
i-d3629e643c46dad226378a84496a959c-breakthrough shark shirt.jpg
i-dcd02fd30f499dacef7a92617b75e4b8-trifecta of animals shirt.jpg

So many, many more below the fold…

i-6742a76bb11566a175c0c6e36b277c4e-awesome buffalo shirt.jpg

Oh my sternum? Yes, it’s real bear

i-491e67471a73119a396ae9eec2ea9ee6-bears inside of you shirt.jpg
i-0c5f43bf1e7bd173b74a9ef8dadbbcb5-bladerunner wolf shirt.jpg

Spirit of the Casino

i-ce0d4151de5e2923ca97a1a2735cf278-eagle and indian casino shirt.jpg

A rare candid glimpse into pre-Columbian North America

i-210523d1c831e1b201bbaaf16ed7c2a6-indian maiden and wolves shirt.jpg
i-89bf8b6d6329f5f64e3cc304dccb0386-flame snake shirt.jpg
i-fa528065140a095ee6df4ffde0e1bfad-intense cow shirt.jpg

We count four offensive things in this shirt. How many can you find?

i-a4b8f9e7145c593c98ee49e07594bcaf-Love at First Sight.JPG
i-cf31b69c0d7151668b175d6cbd7f5652-pissed off gorilla shirt.jpg

Seizure inducing dolphins

i-400e0f69f6fbf472440e4e3ec4e9c8fc-seizure inducing dolphin shirt.jpg
i-a7457479008107d73a03815c6023cc2f-texas and eagle shirt.jpg
i-21d8d28a26b7e10d8f123c9b56613a88-kitten shirt.jpg
i-b3d81df702cc4d3dd05da6429495d4b1-three wolves shirt.jpg
i-c5192f6aef6f56eb0c3e7fd6ba15771e-threee wolves howling shirt.jpg

T-Rexes fight on the moon

i-246f40d2d790d25388b171725fd0e1ff-t-rexes fight in outer space shirt.jpg


  1. #1 John S. Wilkins
    October 29, 2009

    Where’s the Alien bursting forth from one’s chest?

  2. #3 Dave W.
    October 30, 2009

    Second from last is, of course, the famous Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt. Read the customer reviews.

  3. #4 neil
    October 30, 2009

    We count four offensive things in this shirt. How many can you find?

    1) Head shots compromise the trophy value.
    2) The starzn’barz has been desecrated with bullet holes.

    um, that’s all I got.

  4. #5 Chris
    October 31, 2009

    3) Loving things equates to killing them
    4) Hunting deer equates to loving the Confederacy and/or Southern culture (are there no people from other states who like to hunt?) and/or political conservatism

  5. #6 Anita
    November 4, 2009

    Good lord, I want nearly all of these, plus half the shirts on the site mrcreosote linked to. My next paycheck is toast.

  6. #7 Markus
    November 6, 2009

    I want to know where I can buy the T-Rexes fighting on the moon.




  7. #8 Y
    November 8, 2009


    Want TREX shirt too.

  8. #9 Sky
    November 10, 2009

    Love the t-shirts. Although it seems unlikely the shark would be having such a hard time with that cotton t-shirt. He’s well wrapped up in that thing.

  9. #10 Sam
    November 14, 2009

    Where can I buy that shark shirt? Because hell yes.

  10. #11 seviƟme
    November 14, 2009

    It looks plausible. The results seem sensible, and, as G and T say, people think they understand it. It depends on each layer receiving and absorbing radiation from above and below, and re-radiating half up and half down as heat energy, capable of raising temperature.

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