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Time to Play: Identify the Blurry Ant

An Indonesian Zooillogix reader, Harianto Talim, grossly overestimated our entomological abilities and asked us to help him identify an Indonesian ant that he has never seen before. In this blurry series of photos, you can see that the ant is bright orange and green and may or may not smoke cigarettes. It should be noted…

Census of Marine Life

Surely, you’ve heard about the Census of Marine Life, a 10 year long effort to “assess and explain the diversity, distribution, and abundance of marine life.” You may have wondered why it took until 2000 to launch such a project, or why you didn’t think to do it first. This epic venture (which we’ve posted…

Graphic Elephant Birth

Dave Goldenberg of Gelf Magazine was kind enough to send along this very graphic, often upsetting, but ultimately pretty awesome video of a baby elephant birth in Indonesia. Watch to the end.

What? Another species?! I thought we were close to being done. Thanks to Dr. Marshall for the photo While traipsing through the Magombera forest in east Tanzania, Dr. Andy Marshall spotted a helpless little creature being eaten by a twig snake. With the courage and strength often associated with ecologists, Dr. Marshall rescued a new…

Leopard Seals = Radical

Feast your eyes on this, squares… Big up to Ben Thorne for passing this along. And big up to his business, Sneaky’s BBQ, the best ribs and pulled pork in the Bay Area. Check them out at www.sneakysbbq.blogspot.com.

Giant Smalleye Stingray

New footage of the world’s largest stingray. Thanks to Hunter for bringing this to our attention.

Psychedelic Weddell Seals

A clip from Werner Herzog’s Encounters At The End Of The Earth: Here’s what they look like: Richard warms up:

Robert Vrijenhoek and Shannon Johnson (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute), and Greg Rouse (Scripps) have recently completed research aimed at classifying 12 new lineages of Osedax worms as their very own species. Upon their 2004 discovery in Monterey Bay, geneticists classified them under the polychaete annelid family Siboglinidae. Since then, approximately 17 distinct lineages have…

Agility Gerbil Is Go


Andrew just sent me some footage he shot of Benny this past weekend: