In just a few days, my good friend and fellow Zooillogix blogger, Julia, will leave the safety of Chicago for the violent, pineapple-strewn streets of Honolulu for a new job. Here are some things you should know about Julia: #1 – She is the best kickball player in the Midwest. #2 – She has a…

Turtles Are Not Pure Evil

New YouTube research definitively proves that turtle society is highly altruistic and that Disney’s heretofore refusal to make a movie about them is racism, pure and simple.

Hot Molting Action

In this nightmarish time lapse video, a gentle spider crab is internally consumed by a terrifying angry red spider crab who then dispenses of the empty husk of its former host. … or maybe its just molting Thanks to our Asian friend Kangatron for sharing.

Spectacular Deep Sea Squid Footage

Stunning footage of deep-sea squids from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), where researchers use remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to observe and record deep-sea animal behaviors.

Turns out casual experimention with a little meth here and there is a good thing, if you’re a snail. A paper recently published in the Journal of Experimental Biology explains how snails were able to remember negative stimuli longer when under the influence of a bit of speed. When great pond snails (Lymnaea stagnalis) venture…

Death by Ass Eel (not) Debunked

So a week back or so, a number of friends read an article about death by rectal eel and immediately thought of me. For those of you who missed the story, it went a little something like this: * Chinese man gets drunk with friends and passes out * Friends think it would be hilarious…

Ann Littlewood is a one-time zoo keeper and now-time murder mystery writer whose stories take place in and around zoos. An awesome combination if you ask me. I’m very much looking forward to reading her upcoming book, Did Not Survive, but in the interim, I will wear my dog as a hat. As you can…


Now this is how it’s done. The Bollywood horse slide.

Kune Kune Pigs

Kunekune pigs are being trained by the US Navy to hunt out and disarm undersea anti-ship mines. Or that might be dolphins. The documentation is unclear.

My Shot Glass Collection Groweth

Atlantis. The Loch Ness monster. The National Aquarium. What do these things have in common? They were only fabled to exist, until now! I know what you’re thinking, “I’ve been to the National Aquarium in Baltimore… and I love tater tots and also was once attracted to a cousin.” Well, you’d be dead-wrong about the…