Who Doesn’t Love Jello?

Spider monkeys + Jello = good times at the Bronx Zoo

A research team led by Julian Finn of the Museum of Victoria in Melbourne has discovered octopuses using coconut shells as portable protection. Not only do they hide under single halves but will actually pull two halves together and hide inside, like some sort of Super Mario baddie. The video is remarkable. Using tools means…

Time to Play: Identify the Blurry Ant

An Indonesian Zooillogix reader, Harianto Talim, grossly overestimated our entomological abilities and asked us to help him identify an Indonesian ant that he has never seen before. In this blurry series of photos, you can see that the ant is bright orange and green and may or may not smoke cigarettes. It should be noted…

Graphic Elephant Birth

Dave Goldenberg of Gelf Magazine was kind enough to send along this very graphic, often upsetting, but ultimately pretty awesome video of a baby elephant birth in Indonesia. Watch to the end.

Giant Smalleye Stingray

New footage of the world’s largest stingray. Thanks to Hunter for bringing this to our attention.

Agility Gerbil Is Go

Beautiful and fascinating footage of a Bloodbelly Comb (not a jellyfish, but similarly gelatinous, like my brother) from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s remote operated vehicle. The laser light show comes from tiny transparent, hair-like cilia combined with trace amounts of LSD that will forever remain in your spine. I could point out that it appears…

Most Extreme Animal Shirts

Straight from Katie and Andrew’s closets we bring you this Mountain Dew-soaked photographic essay. An explosive herbivore bursts forth from your chest So many, many more below the fold…

One of the world’s few flightless parrots, the Kakapo is endemic to New Zealand and is notable for having parrot sex with this guy’s head. This is basically Benny’s dream date. Thanks to reader Heather H. for sending along.

Jurrassic Park Meets the Muppets

A ridiculously cool dinosaur encounter on a German TV show. Part animatronics, part puppet show, and part Sprockets. Some great Halloween costume ideas.