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A report published yesterday by the Wildlife Conservation Society shows that black bears living in urban areas weigh more, get pregnant at a younger age, and are more likely to die violent deaths. The study tracks 12 bears living in Lake Tahoe over a 10 year period and compares them to 10 bears living in…

Playful Polar Bear at Brookfield Zoo

Spent the day at the Brookfield Zoo and was lucky enough to catch a resident polar bear inventing games for himself and doubly lucky my fiancee brought a video cam. Polar Bear Takes a Dive Polar Bear Tossing Around His Toy More below the fold

When our mother upped and moved to New Mexico a few years back, my brother and I were thrilled to be spending holidays in such a rugged, wild, and frankly, weird place. She lives only a couple of miles from the center of Albuquerque, but regular backyard visitors include coyotes, black bears and lynx. Needless…

Sleepy Sun Bear

Courtesy of CNN In a moment of weakness, I have turned our site into Cuteoverload. What a shame…

Kung Fu Bear

Behold…A bear…Twirling a stick.