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Birds Rely on Army-Ants for Dinner

Army-ants storm through the jungles of Panama a million strong devouring any and every living creature in their path. Some clever birds have found a way to capitalize on the mayhem: Stay close to the ants and eat the leaping, running, and scampering insects that attempt to escape. Who would want to escape from this…

A species of endangered sea lion has suddenly acquired a taste for a rare penguin in New Zealand, causing heated debate amongst Kiwi conservationists and scientists. Sea lions breeding on the Otago Peninsula have taken to devouring yellow-eyed penguins. The good news is that male sea lions do not seem to have a pallet for…

Smoking Crow

Rooks in Exeter, England have discovered a unique health benefit to cigarettes that may just be enough to save the embattled industry. Commuters observed the rooks at St. David’s train station fumigating their feathers with cigarette smoke. Swooping down to snatch up lit cigarette butts, the rooks would eventually drop the butt and tent their…

In another example of how much more progressive Europe is than the US, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire (i.e. Brittania) has entrusted the care of an orphaned flamingo chick to gay parents. Carlos and Fernando, the only gays in the sanctuary, have been egg-nappers in the past. On more than one occasion,…

Kiss Me I?m Irish?

In honor of St. Paddy’s Day, a tribute to being green. Northland Green Gecko, naultinus grayii Green Lynx Spider, peucetia viridansGreen Hermit Hummingbird, phaethornis guy (we think) Green Grasshopper, campylacantha olivacea

A few days ago we brought you the astonishingly ugly baby cockatiel. On the other, tastier side of the spectrum, we have this hardboiled ostrich egg and a massive deviled ostrich egg. Again, brought to you by our friends in New Mexico. photo courtesy of Pat Deering photo courtesy of Tom Deering

The Terrifying Miracle of Life

A family friend recently found some cockatiel eggs in their pair’s cage. One hatched and this little alien emerged. All photos courtesy of Tom Deering. 90 minute old baby cockatiel 4 day old baby cockatiel 2 week old baby space alien