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There’s a really good point that has been brought up many times about scientists. We suck at sharing our results with the public. Or sometimes we share, but in a way that very few people (scientists included) could understand. One of the problems may be a lack of emphasis on the big “So what?” People…

My Business Trip to San Diego

AKA – a boy and his coffee on geek safari Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Zooillogix – Now with More Chicks!

Many of you have asked… what’s up with Zooillogix? Over a month between posts… Rambling, incoherent responses to inquiries from the Royal Society… Dark bags underneath our eyes… Hair loss and tooth decay… Some of you might have thought it was drugs. Well you were right. It took Jane Goodall finding my brother, Benny, face…

Interview with the Bleiman Brothers

Last week, ScienceBlogs interviewed Benny and me. On second reading, it’s pretty weird. Anyway, for your amusement/bewilderment, check it out here: