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New Caecilian Species Discovered in India

A new species of our favorite worm-like amphibian, the caecilian, has been discovered in the Belgaum district in Southwestern India. Named Gegeneophis mhadeiensis, three specimens were collected and are described in the most recent issue of Current Science. Scientists from the Zoological Survey of India along with independent researchers found the critters in the Mahadayi…

Amphibian Feeds Young Its Own Flesh

Researchers recently discovered a most unusual parenting method in Boulengerula Taitanus, a blind, worm-like amphibian called a caecilian. It feeds its young by letting them tear off its own skin with hooked white teeth. Scientists say this behavior has never been witnessed in any land-based animal. Unlike most caecilians, B. Taitanus lays eggs. The skin…