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Siamese Crocodile Babies

Siamese Crocodiles Courtesy of Zooillogix reader extraordinaire, Zellychan.

Magnet Sticks to…Crocodile?

Recent conservation efforts in the Florida Everglades to save the American crocodile from the brink of extinction have been effective: good thing. Territorial crocodiles hanging out in Floridian’s back yards, however: bad thing. The worst part? Once a crocodile is removed from its favorite haunt, it will travel tens, sometimes hundreds of miles to return,…

WTF! National Geographic via the inimitable Ugly Overload:

Leopard Attacking Crocodile

In a sure sign that Kruger National Park in South Africa is angling to be the World Wrestling Federation of game reserves, yet another unlikely and brutal animal match-up has been caught on film. In this series of photos, a leopard ambushes a crocodile. A protracted struggle ensues but it’s pretty clear who ultimately comes…

In a new discovery published in the current issue of the science affairs journal Current Biology , new research reveals that unborn baby crocodiles begin communicating to each other and their mothers moments before they are born. He can talk. He can talk. He can talk….I CAN SINNNNNNNG!!! It is believed that the noises, described…

Battle at Kruger

Kruger National Park in South Africa is a renowned location for observing some of Africa’s most famous wildlife. Here we have all of that wildlife fighting one another, all at once. Basically this is Kruger’s equivalent of a WWE event. Watch it through to the end or at least minute seven or so.