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Couple Wears Dead Dog Sweaters

A totally normal British couple has made headlines by wearing sweaters, knitted out of the hair of their deceased pet dogs. Beth and Brian Willis have made two sweaters, one out of Kara, a Samoyed, and the other from Penny, a Swedish Lapphund. I can’t decide which one is hotter. Says Mrs Willis in this…

Dog Robot

Why are we posting so many videos these days you ask? I don’t know! Anyway this is both cool and somewhat off-putting/frightening but only because it is awesome. From Slashdot: “The US company Boston Dynamics has released an amazing new video of its quadruped robot BigDog. The highlight of the video (at 1:24) shows how…


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Dog Tail Wagging Breakthrough

Everybody thinks a wagging tail is the sign of a happy dog. But researchers have recently made a telling discovery: a) not all tail wagging is necessarily positive and b) one can tell this by which side (left or right) the tail wags on!Happy dog, Carnivorous Slobbius According to a new study–,AeuAsymmetric Tail-wagging Responses by…

Rusty Suffers from Narcolepsy

Sadly, this video makes me wish more animals suffered from narcolepsy… particularly on video. I suppose we can all be thankful that Rusty, being a dachshund, does not have very far to fall.