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Baby Lemurs Hanging In Socks

Apologies for overloading cute on you all. These baby lemurs were recently born at Folly Farm Zoo in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Pig in Boots

Via the awesome i&o blog, we bring you Cinders, a pig with mysphobia – a fear of dirt. The porker’s owners, Debbie and Andrew Keeble, pig farmers and sausage makers in North Yorkshire England, had never seen anything like it. The tiny piglet would cower and shake in the grass at the edge of the…

Fat Animals with Accents

Apparently obesity isn’t just for American’s anymore… make that humans in general. First we have George, the greedy little pig as old British women would call him. This hedgehog was delivered to the Wildlife Aid centre in Leatherhead, England five times heavier than his natural weight. At 5lbs, George is dangerously obese and a testament…

We know that a rash of recent posts has put us at risk of entering cuteoverload territory , but we couldn’t resist these pictures of seven baby hedgehogs from two different families at the Prickly Ball Farm Hospital in Devon, England. The hospital copes with orphaned hedgehogs every year. This year, however, because of a…