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Now this is how it’s done. The Bollywood horse slide.

My Little Pony

Continuing our long tradition of espousing the virtues of dwarfism and breeding animals as tiny as possible regardless of the health consequences (i.e. adorability!), we bring you a contender for world’s smallest horse. This thing should be painted pink or lavender immediately!

Riverdance Miniatures in Victoria, Australia may have set a new record for the world’s smallest horse. This prematurely born foal stands only 15 inches high, or 3.3 “hands”, in horse-speak. The previous record for a fully grown horse was 4 hands and 1 inch. Miniature horses are in fact, miniature horses, and not ponies. They…

Tiny Horse Goes Bonkers

Stupid BoingBoing always has the best stuff. Reminds me of my puppy when he escapes out of the door. Once again, thanks to that Asian guy we know.

Pretty Much My Favorite Animal?

The accidental product of a study abroad program in Italy, Eclyse is a visually fascinating example of mixed genetic material. Eclyse’s mother was a zebra living at a German safari park. When she was sent on loan to Italy, she was allowed to roam free in an enclosure with both horses and zebras. Upon her…

Seeing Eye Horse?

Seeing Eye Horse – The funniest home videos are hereSeeing Eye Horse