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What do you mean he’s my brother?

Research on the subject suggests that somewhere, somehow our squirmy reaction to incest can be expressed genetically. Because of natural selection and all that blah blah, it’s thought that there exists a biomechanism that triggers incest avoidance in humans. Well, it looks like some very bold scientists have found a solid starting point for furthur…

Ring-tailed Lemur FTW

If you are unfamiliar with South Korea’s Everland Zoo and their ridiculously talented photographer who goes by FloridaPFE on Flickr, time to make a new friend.

Baby Lemurs Hanging In Socks

Apologies for overloading cute on you all. These baby lemurs were recently born at Folly Farm Zoo in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Rejected by his parents at birth, Bilbo the bamboo lemur was raised by hand by zookeeper Veronica Lindberg. As a result, Bilbo thinks he is a human and refuses to leave Veronica’s side. Clinging to her back, wrapped around her arm or perching on her head, the two are inseparable. Raising Bilbo is no easy…