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Who Doesn’t Love Jello?

Spider monkeys + Jello = good times at the Bronx Zoo

Monkey Juice

by Katie the Lowly Intern Does the sinking feeling of knowing you could have gotten what you wanted had you made better choices in life sound familiar? Like how if in college, had you gotten a real degree, set goals for yourself, and not tried to buy friendships with your credit card, you could possibly…

Incredible New Study Released

Hat tip to Kevin Z.


Oh good God. We are reprinting this article in its entirety from the Orange News because it is just too good. Check it! Curious locals flocked to the home of owner Feng Changlin after news of the piglet spread in Fengzhang village, Xiping township. “It’s hideous. No one will be willing to buy it, and…

Monkey Torture

Cutting edge research from The State Thanks to Pete Angelastro for reminding us about this classic awesomeness.

New Delhi Under Attack (by Monkeys)

India’s bustling capital has been a little more bustling of late with a veritable invasion of rude, sometimes dangerous monkeys. As the forests outlying the city have been destroyed, more and more rhesus macaque monkeys have made their way into the urban areas. In some cases they have literally overrun government buildings and are known…

African Booze Tree

Turns out the monkey isn’t the only creature in the forest getting bombed. Check out this video of the African booze tree. Special thanks to Tom Ferriss for finding this clip.

Drunk Monkeys!

The best part of this video is the wholesome message at the end: consistently drunk monkeys “tend to make better leaders and command greater respect!”Vervet monkeys, Cercopithecus aethiops. Thanks to Brent Edwards for sending along this gem.

Gandalf of the Marmosets, Emperor Marmoset, Saguinus imperator Animals that carry cells from another individual, most often a fraternal twin (non-identical), are known as chimeras. Aside from marmosets, chimeras have been discovered in humans, cats and cows. Considered a rare fluke in most species, marmosets have a unique embryonic development that results in most of…