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Playful Polar Bear at Brookfield Zoo

Spent the day at the Brookfield Zoo and was lucky enough to catch a resident polar bear inventing games for himself and doubly lucky my fiancee brought a video cam. Polar Bear Takes a Dive Polar Bear Tossing Around His Toy More below the fold

Polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea have begun to cannibalize one another according to a recent study in the online publication Polar Biology. The polar bears’ main food source in the area, ringed seals, are accessible only across ice shelves. Global climate change has melted these shelves, cutting off the bears from their food…

Polar Bears Vs Nuclear Submarines!

The US Navy routinely conducts silent war games beneath the North Pole with foreign nuclear submarines. Occasionally the subs must poke their conning towers through the ice for communications, energy and research. However, when they expose themselves, they open themselves to the possibility of a vicious polar bear attack!!! Well, maybe these bears are just…