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Heron Eats Rabbit

Wildlife photographer Ad Sprang snapped these shots while shooting in Vianen, Holland as seen in the Telegraph. Due to Andrew’s irrational yet understandable love of fuzzy little rabbits, all the pics can be found below the fold…

Night of the Lepus

We received an outpouring of comments on our post about the massive rabbits being raised in Britain. Thanks to our loyal reader HP, however, we were able to find some disturbing footage of gigantic rabbits actually feeding. Another vid below the fold…


Annette Edwards has a noble goal: to breed the world’s biggest rabbit. It now appears that she has succeeded in her silly little dream of lagormorph gigantism with Amy. While most country folk are content with merely growing the world’s largest pumpkin or zucchini, Annette has succeeded in creating a rabbit that could easily eat…

I’m going to pretend this falls into the “exotic pet” category. how postmodern some sort of eclair? Slow news day… digg_url=’http://zooillogix.blogspot.com/2007/04/breaking-news-rabbit-with-baked-goods.html’;