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Basically this session is about making a media story out of a zoo or aquarium’s conservation efforts. I’m making a story out of making a story. Challenging Media Myths About White Sharks Speaker: Karen Jeffries, Monterey Bay Aquarium The Monterey Bay Aquarium examined the possibility of exhibiting a great white shark in an effort to…

AZA Annual Conference – Jack Hanna

After the keynote, Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo, received the AZA R Marlin Perkins Award for Professional Excellence. For those of you who don’t know him, Hanna is a regular guest on morning news shows, late night talk shows, and pretty much anyone with a TV show and a desk in-between. He…

Sex Crazed Oysters Transmit Herpes

The French love their raw oysters. In fact, the French consume the most herpes, I mean oysters, per capita in the world; an average of 2kg! That’s a lot of raw oyster. Well the French were horrified to learn last week that their care-free raw oystering lifestyle had finally hit the rocks. 40 to 100…

Flesh-Eating Slug Invades Wales

What is the Ghost Slug? by the Museum of Wales “Unlike most slugs, the Ghost Slug is carnivorous, killing earthworms at night with powerful, blade-like teeth, sucking them in like spaghetti. It is also unusual in having no eyes (it is probably blind) and is almost completely white. It spends most of its time underground,…

Oscar the Naked Dancing Cockatoo

I think this one speaks for itself.

Shameless Self Promotion

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So, what is it? What is YOUR favorite animal? Is it something obscure like a lesser long-nosed bat? Or something a little more Middle America like that baby penguin from Happy Feet? Here’s an idea of the kind of answer we’re looking for (and yes, video comments are highly encouraged):

The Bleiman Brothers are in New Mexico for the week, which as many of you know, has not yet invented the internet. Unfortunately this means this is probably the only post we can send up, but hopefully you all can amuse yourselves by contributing the weirdest Thanksgiving meal you have ever had. Maybe you were…

Petchow Brand Rat Poison

Probably my favorite SNL commercial of all time. Add to My Profile | More Videos Video [via Myspace] More classic SNL animal vids below the fold

Sleepy Snake Eats Mischievous Mouse

Fascinating footage taken with time lapse photography…