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Jerboa Quest 3

In this groundbreaking film, a greater Egyptian jerboa hangs out in a kitchen to a tune from Dragon Quest 3. Set expectations to “low.” Thanks to Adam Bedient for the important tip

Stacking Food on Animals

Thanks to Bill K for this kind of thing once again.


A little background here: Japanese squid monster moisturizer tentacle woman video. Yup.

Wow…Shape Shifting Owl

Via Cute Overload and NVDH.

Escaped Rhino Drill in Japan

The Tokyo Zoo is prepared for anything. In this case, they foil the escape attempts of two employees in a giant paper maiche rhino outfit. (fyi – this video is in fact still available, just blow in it a few times if it gives you trouble) Via Arbroath via BoingBoing. From the YouTube comments and…

Hat tip to Kevin Z.

Dolphin Obesity: A Growing Problem

Aquarium staff at Kinosaki Marine World in western Japan recently noticed that their dolphins were less acrobatic in their performances and more lethargic in general. Concerned about their health, the dolphins were weighed and found to be significantly heavier since only a few months prior. Apparently a fattier mackeral, their typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner,…

After becoming entangled in a fishing net off the coast of Nobeoka, Miyazaki Prefrecture in Japan, a wounded and exhausted young dolphin was taken to Umitamago Aquarium, also known as Oita Marine Palace Aquarium. The dolphin did not have the energy to keep itself afloat and after a couple of days of holding the dolphin…

Carnival of the Blue Eleven

Welcome to the eleventh and by far the most important, although surprisingly the most poorly formatted, installment of Carnival of the Blue. Before we get down to the watery, salty, and sometimes rubbery details, we wanted to take a moment to ponder the significance of Zooillogix’s role as host of the eleventh COB. Why not…