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Psychedelic Weddell Seals

A clip from Werner Herzog’s Encounters At The End Of The Earth: Here’s what they look like: Richard warms up:

The Census of Marine Life has just released a study of the ocean creatures living in the Arctic and the Antarctic with a startling revelation: 235 identical species thrive in the waters around the North and South Poles, despite the distance 11,000 kilometers between them. The nemertean pelogonemertes rollestoni and its oddly shaped see-through stomach…

Zooillogix would like to take a moment to introduce you to Parborlasia corrugatus, a proboscis worm residing in the waters of Antarctica. We should note that we were inspired to learn more about these cute little fellows from this outstanding pic we saw on Ugly Overload. Photo credit Jeff Miller P. corrugatus grows up to…