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Zooillogix – Now with More Chicks!

Many of you have asked… what’s up with Zooillogix? Over a month between posts… Rambling, incoherent responses to inquiries from the Royal Society… Dark bags underneath our eyes… Hair loss and tooth decay… Some of you might have thought it was drugs. Well you were right. It took Jane Goodall finding my brother, Benny, face…

Someone made the mistake of interviewing us again. This time it was the Nature Blog Network, which is a great site for demonstrating Zooillogix’s crushing dominance in this ultra-competitive field. Check out the face-meltingly informative interview here. Also, ZooBorns was featured by TypePad today. Good times, great oldies.

Come One, Come All: Zooillogix Party

It’s long overdue. Time for a Zooillogix writers, friends, and lowly readers party. On Friday, Sept. 26th, we will be having our get together at Tonic, in San Francisco, starting at 9:00PM. We think it will be fun to see what weirdos (that’s you!) come out of the woodwork. At worst, Ben and I will…