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Unlikely Friends

Get a room… Special thanks to Hydia Blobinson for forwarding this along!

The folks at PNAS have been biting their nails to the quick, anxiously awaiting the release of their groundbreaking news- Mutts are more genetically diverse than purebreds! The article had been under embargo until yesterday, forcing the researchers and journal editors to keep the valuable information under wraps. “I had a really hard time not…

Animals Getting Along Spendidly

Get out your Kleenex, wimps. Thanks, Berkery for forwarding this along.

Wii Kills Dog, Then Dog Recovers

We’re not going to go to in depth into this story, but it’s worth a read. Click for the Channel 9 News On Your Side report! NVDH…the man!

Mathman Goes Under the Knife

I took this pic of my dog Mathman in the vet’s office last week just minutes before his neutering. He clearly knew what was in store…


Via the Kangatron via Neatorama…

Raccoon Dog

Sometimes there is no news. Sometimes we have to tell you about dog sweaters. Today we will tell you about the Raccoon Dog. The Raccoon Dog is a member of the canid family but is not a true dog. It is called a raccoon dog because it bears a superficial resemblance to a raccoon. It…

Couple Wears Dead Dog Sweaters

A totally normal British couple has made headlines by wearing sweaters, knitted out of the hair of their deceased pet dogs. Beth and Brian Willis have made two sweaters, one out of Kara, a Samoyed, and the other from Penny, a Swedish Lapphund. I can’t decide which one is hotter. Says Mrs Willis in this…

Dog Robot

Why are we posting so many videos these days you ask? I don’t know! Anyway this is both cool and somewhat off-putting/frightening but only because it is awesome. From Slashdot: “The US company Boston Dynamics has released an amazing new video of its quadruped robot BigDog. The highlight of the video (at 1:24) shows how…