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winners and losers

Folks at UCLA have created a list of evolutionary winners and losers. They’ve based this list on a species’ ability to diversify over time. At the top of the winners list are birds (with 9,000 species) and mammals (with 5,400 species). Compare that speciation with big fat losers like crocodiles and alligators. Crocs and gators…

Epic Guinness Evolution Commercial

How we missed this the first time around I will never know, nor forgive our readers for. Enjoy! Thanks to Mike McElwain for sending along. yitb

Order Electrus

Documentary on “new obscure insects” by Floris Kaayk. Was first shown at Paradise by the Laptop Light in 2005. While fascinating, a world infested with these guys would pretty much suck. Thanks to Maria Haanpaa for forwarding along.

Rapid Reptile Evolution

Scientists release seemingly harmless Italian Wall Lizards on a deserted South Adriatic island in 1971… and return to find walking, talking, boccie playing super-lizards! That is the headline that would have been written if researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst had waited only a few more years. In truth however, the scientists discovered that…

Lured out of the Gene Pool

A fascinating new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that the impact of human fishing may be reducing the fitness of fish populations overall. It may also explain why your grandfather insists that “the fish don’t bite like they used to.” The thinking goes like this: bold and aggressive…

First Flight, then Sonar

For years debate has raged amongst bat researchers as to whether or not bats were really just “flying rodents…”