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Rare Pink Katydids

The Audubon Insectarium in New Orleans just bred these rare pink katydids and I find them captivating/delicious. Pink Katydid Facts: • The parental katydids, both pink, were brought to Audubon Insectarium during the summer of 2008 as donations by visitors. • The pink katydids were sent off to Cokie Bauder, Manager of Animal Collections at…

The Light Brown Controversy Moth

No one quite knows when the Light Brown Apple Moth arrived on the shores of California, but after DNA identification in 2007, it wasted no time pitting the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the populace of San Francisco against one another. Today the CDFA announced a new strategy for the eradication campaign: releasing…

Hot Moth Action

Time once again for some of Igor Siwanowicz’s spectacular insect photography. We’ve brought you his mantis photos in the past (#1 , #2, and #3) so we decided to switch it up and take a look at some of his moths. Unfortunately Igor doesn’t tell us which species we are looking at, but maybe some…

When Benny and I were little, we used to bait a large Havahart trap and leave it in the backyard overnight. We caught squirrels, possums and raccoons. Half the fun was the surprise of what might be inside when we woke up the next day. The game ended the morning we discovered we had caught…

Order Electrus

Documentary on “new obscure insects” by Floris Kaayk. Was first shown at Paradise by the Laptop Light in 2005. While fascinating, a world infested with these guys would pretty much suck. Thanks to Maria Haanpaa for forwarding along.

Cyborg Insects

Great video of humankind’s future arch nemesis.

Ants Versus Termites

A particularly close-up and violent ant versus termite video.

Robotic Climbing Insect

Climbing Insect Robot Official roboty info: RiSE is a small six-legged robot that climbs vertical terrain such as walls, trees and fences. RiSE’s feet have claws, micro-claws or sticky material, depending on the climbing surface. RiSE changes posture to conform to the curvature of the climbing surface and a fixed tail helps RiSE balance on…

Gecko Begs Insect to Feed It Honeydew

Fascinating BBC footage of geckos coaxing leafhoppers to feed them honeydew. The lizards tap their feet or bob their heads, and the insect dutifully tosses them a bead of delicious tree sap. This definitely qualifies as bizarre zoology.

Anything involving earwigs = a terrible idea

Benny and I love almost all living things even if we have to squish those things from time to time. The one distinct exception to this rule is the earwig. This is the common name for the insect order Dermaptera, which frequently have an abdomen that ends in forceps-like cerci or, in other words, pinchers!…