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Training Circus Lobster

I cannot train my dog Mathman not to pee on the damned carpet but New England Aquarium’s senior trainer, cryptically known simply as “Erin”, can teach a lobster to score higher on the GRE than me. As some readers of this blog may know, I have long been concerned with growing Lobster / Human tensions…

Lobster Knife Fight

via pictureisunrelated.com

Lobster Magnet

We are on a new Movable Type platform. You know what that means for you? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! …. maybe other than this. In celebration of the new, we offer the epically awesome old – Lobster Magnet I’m gonna classify this as “medicine and health” just for kicks.

Robotic Lobster

This is old but Oysters Garter reminded me of it and I still think it’s pretty cool. Also, I love lobsters (see below below).

Giant Lobster Pic

Undated, unidentified giant lobster picture from the crazy Russian news.