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Leopard Slug Sex

It might not seem like the an 8 inch long leopard slug could put on an amazing sex show. After all, they can be real slimeballs. But actually, these hermaphroditic gastropod mollusks’ sexual behavior is quite… well… beautiful. video link: The foreplay for the fertilization, which consists of a lot of licking and nibbling, can…

In 2006 two eager shell collectors hauled in some small but strangely shaped mollusks in deep water off Key West, Florida. Like the good animal nerds they were, they brought their findings to a shell collectors convention in Mobile, Alabama where the Director of the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum on Sanibel Island, Jose H. Leal, took…

Snails versus Slugs (and Friends)!

We have brought you the outstanding time lapse photography of Mochimochi Land in the past, but these new works are breathtaking. No-holds-barred snail on slug rumpus! “The Great Foot Race!” Friends below the fold