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Flesh-Eating Slug Invades Wales

What is the Ghost Slug? by the Museum of Wales “Unlike most slugs, the Ghost Slug is carnivorous, killing earthworms at night with powerful, blade-like teeth, sucking them in like spaghetti. It is also unusual in having no eyes (it is probably blind) and is almost completely white. It spends most of its time underground,…

First Guy Fawkes, then the IRA, then Al Qaeda. Now England is facing a new threat from within…slugs. The mild, wet winter in England has created the perfect conditions for slug overpopulation and the destruction of British gardens. The Daily Mail (England’s most trusted, oldest, and least sensational periodical) is doing its civic duty by…

Snails versus Slugs (and Friends)!

We have brought you the outstanding time lapse photography of Mochimochi Land in the past, but these new works are breathtaking. No-holds-barred snail on slug rumpus! “The Great Foot Race!” Friends below the fold